We believe in establishing strategic long-term partnerships with our clients, employees and contractors, supporting them to not just meet their immediate needs but also their long-term growth.

Accordingly, our approach focuses on identifying the “Right Fit” - both in terms of technical needs and culture.

Identifying the “Right Fit” – Our Recruitment Process:
  • Identify Scope: Understanding the technical needs and culture of clients through an in depth analysis of both the requirement and the company.
  • Search: Searching and sourcing the most qualified candidates who fit the requirement specifications.
  • Engage: Screening candidates over the phone or in person.
  • Quality: Making sure the candidates have the skills to meet client needs and is excited about the opportunity. A candidate is not chosen based solely on falling in the correct salary range. Factors such as initiative, attitude, and professional outlook are heavily weighed.
  • Present: The most qualified and suited candidate is presented to the client.