Strategic Partners / Clients

At Kamsa, we believe in establishing long-term strategic alliances with our partners and clients. We work not just to support their immediate needs, but their long-term growth and associated needs. We work not just to place a candidate for a job, but to find the “Right Fit” between our partners and our candidates for the long-term. We provide personalized strategic services to help our partners achieve their long-term strategic goals.
  • Feasible & Flexible: Kamsa seeks to create the best value for our partners, regardless of your size or scale. Whether you are a Startup or Fortune 500 Company, we will work with your company's means in order to create a successful, feasible and long-lasting partnership.
  • Personalized Service: We believe in delivering personalized service to all our stakeholders, specifically and finding the “Right Fit” between our clients and candidates. We strive to find top talent that matches our clients’ technical needs and also fits the cultural environment.
  • High Quality Talent: We believe in offering out clients with top-notch talent, that has exceptional technical and personal skills.
  • Latest Technology and Skills: We also believe in continuously staying abreast of current and evolving technologies, to assist our partners with emerging needs.
  • Extensive Experience: We have over 25 years of IT staffing and consulting experience, both in the government and commercial sectors.


Kamsa appreciates s that the success of any organization is built by and dependent on its people. We also appreciate the over-arching needs of our candidates – desire to have rewarding, stable careers that provide opportunities for professional growth and work-life balance. At Kamsa, we strive hard to meet these professional needs of our candidates.
  • “Right Fit”: One of our core values is to find the “Right Fit” between our clients and candidates. We strive to find professional opportunities for our candidates that match not only their professional and technical talent, but also offer a work culture that they will thrive in.
  • Rewarding: We ensure that are employees are well-rewarded financially and professionally.
  • Stability: We strive to offer our employees with, stable opportunities with long-term career-growth prospects.
  • Work-life balance: At Kamsa, we believe in work life balance. Having this balance improves productivity and efficiency, and ultimately benefits all parties involved. While we undertake challenging endeavors, we encourage and support our employees to find the right work-life balance for success.
  • Personalized Counsel: Our recruiters provide personalized advice and counsel to candidates looking to advance their careers. We make the process pleasant and seamless for candidates, which ultimately benefits all parties involved. A happy candidate making the right career move leads to low turnover and high morale at our client offices.