Our Mission is to provide world-class Information Technology talent and solutions as a trusted partner to our clients, while serving our employees and individual contractors with long-term rewarding career opportunities.

The term “Kamsa” is derived from the Korean expression “Kamsa Hamnida” which signifies a high degree of appreciation. At Kamsa, we hold a high degree of appreciation for all our partners – clients and candidates. We appreciate our clients' needs for exceptional, high quality talent to meet specific needs, and we appreciate our candidates' needs for rewarding, stable careers.

Kamsa began in early 2014 on the premise that all too often clients and candidates are treated as mere numbers on a spreadsheet. At Kamsa, we approach things a little bit differently, putting the client’s needs at the helm and the candidate’s interests/qualifications at the core of matchmaking -- Not only understanding the needs of the business, but also the interests of the candidate in order to place the right resource in the right position.

Within a short time-frame Kamsa has earned the trust of its early partners and clients by successfully demonstrating its capabilities within the IT staffing and consulting domain.